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Atlanta Marthoma Church is one of the parishes of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church, and is located in the Atlanta Metro area. The Church was dedicated on the 4th of July 2001. It has a total of about 119 families spread across Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina.

Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church (Malankara Mar Thoma Suriyani Sabha as it is called in native Malayalam) is one of the oldest groups of praticising Christians in the world. Believed to be followers of one of the original disciples of Jesus Christ - St. Thomas (also called Didimus or Thomas, the doubter). We believe that the Apostle St. Thomas came to Muziris on the south west coast of India in AD 52 and laid the foundations of Christianity in this part of the world.

The goal and function adopted by the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church is:
    1. To be the repository of the divine doctrines revealed by Jesus Christ and proclaimed by His Apostle
    2. To maintain these doctrines in their purity
    3. To promote the spiritual life of its members through the administration of sacraments and by the ministry of the WORD
    4. To make disciples of all nations by the proclamation of the Gospel to all the world, and through the administration of Holy Baptism in the name of True God

Today, the headquarters is located at SCS Campus, Thiruvalla, Kerala, India

Week of March 11, 2018
Youth FellowshipMr. Joshua, Ms. Shoba & Mr. Jonathan Jacob on Mar 17th
Grayson-LawrencevilleMr. Shelby Alexander & Nicky Alexander on Mar 17th
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Vicar's Message
Dearly beloved in Christ,
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
"For the message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God" (1Cor. 1:18)

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Passion Week, Good Friday and Easter Programs
Worship Services
SundayMar 25th10:00 AM Hosanna Service
MondayMar 26th07:00 PM Sandhya Namaskaram
TuesdayMar 27th07:00 PM Sandhya Namaskaram
WednesdayMar 28th07:00 PM Sandhya Namaskaram
ThursdayMar 29th06:30 PM Maunday Thursday
FridayMar 30th06:00 PM Good Friday Service
SundayApr 1st10:00 AM Easter Service
Bible Readings
March 11, 2018
THEME: True worship that liberates from Bondage
LESSON 1Exod 3:11-18
LESSON 2Rev 14:1-7
EPISTLEActs 16:19-34
GOSPELLuke 13:10-17

March 18, 2018
THEME: New Vision of Messianic Age
LESSON 1Isa 35:1-10
LESSON 21Pet 4:12-19
EPISTLE2Cor 1:3-11
GOSPELLuke 18:35-43
Contact Information
  • Vicar     Rev. Samuel M. P.
  • Telephone
    Parsonage Address
    1548 Fair Oaks Lane,
    Snellville, GA 30078.

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